Hitoshi Sugiyama / Gozu Mezu

Sound Museum

March 22 + 23 : 2pm – 6pm at Shintani Gallery

Hitoshi Sugiyama, Shin-Ijusha, Edmonton
Born and raised in Japan, Hitoshi Sugiyama practices and performs Taiko and Shinobue. He produces ambient/experimental electro-acoustic music under the name of Gozu Mezu. By combining traditional and modern music, Gozu Mezu emanates a very unique and characteristic sound.

Hitoshi will have, on display, a collection of his hand made instruments, including Taiko drums, Shinobue (flute) and other percussion instruments, that he made over the past few years. Since Hitoshi’s unique characteristic sound is made by combining traditional with electronic sounds, he will also incorporate digital instruments (drum pad, sample looper) into an interactive component. Guests will be able to record sound samples and make beats with Gozu Mezu!

unTwisted Perspectives:

A Japanese Canadian Artist Showcase

Through a creative lens, unTwisted Perspectives sheds light on the artistic expressions of 4 Japanese Canadian artists. These artists, of different generations, live and work across Canada, adding to the diversity of experiences that form their viewpoints on Canadian and Japanese Cultures. Join us at Shintani Gallery, as we examine different perspectives and creative outlets, and celebrate these talented artists.

unTwisted Perspectives will conclude with a group show in November 2024.

Shintani Gallery is grateful to receive funding for this project from the Community Projects stream of the Japanese Canadian Legacies Society Community Fund.

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