Shintani GALLERY 2023

JC / Japanese Creative Minds Meetup Vol.2 (Nov. ’23)

We’re hosting our 2nd in-person Japanese Canadian / Japanese Artist hangout at Shintani Gallery, in Toronto! We hope these events continue to foster new connections and collaborations in our artistic community. 

🗓️: 11/16/2023, 6-9PM EST

📍: Shintani Gallery, 700 Lansdowne Ave. Toronto, ON M6H 3Y8

Theme: What is inspiring you today?

Our last event reaffirmed our efforts into creating these spaces and championing each other’s voices. If you know other JC/Japanese Creatives in your circle that may be interested in this in-person meetup, please share! Let’s keep the momentum going! 

Thank you for your trust and support.

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JC / Japanese Creative Minds Meetup (Toronto, Sept. 2023)

We’re hosting our inaugural in-person Japanese Canadian / Japanese Artist hangout in collaboration with Shintani Gallery in Toronto! We hope this event serves as a catalyst for new connections and collaborations in our artist community.

Randall Okita, Will Shintani, Steven Hasegawa, Kristofer Sakamoto-Marshall, Emmie Tsumura and Hidetaka Ishii

Organized and hosted by Hidetaka Ishii and Randall Okita, and joined by Will Shintani, we will be exploring the theme of identity. For those in Toronto, we hope you can join and be a part of this initiative to bring the Japanese Canadian / Japanese community together!

featuring art by:

700 Lansdowne Avenue
Toronto, ON M6H 3Y8

Maui Ohana Fundraiser

Maui Ohana Fundraiser 
Toronto to Lahaina
Art / Auction / Raffle
august 26
shintani gallery

Maui Ohana Fundraiser, hosted by David Akio Grant. Please join us for an evening, in Toronto, for Art, Silent Auction, Raffle. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Maui.

Saturday, August 24 – 4pm-8pm

The Red & White Show

The Jisedai Visual Art Collective presents three contemporary Japanese-Canadian artists, in the first installment of the Red & White show.

These next generations of artists are excited to showcase their ideas of what it means to be Japanese-Canadian, and are helping shape the future of Japanese-Canadian art.


Opening Fri Mar 24 – 6pm-10pm
Sat Mar 25 – April 9th

2019 Winter Pop-Up